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I wish i had said this, but it was said by asd@asd.com in comp.software-eng.


  1. lead by example
  2. don’t ask anything of anyone they wouldn’t do themselves
  3. are called on to make difficult and unpopular decisions
  4. keep the team focused
  5. reward/support their team in whatever they do
  6. keep/clear unnecessary crap out of the way of the team

Consensus is great. If it lasts for the project lifecycle, consider yourself blessed. I’ve been on a couple projects where two engineers just blantantly disagreed! They were always:

Programmer #1 says “x = 1”
Programmer #2 says “x != 1”

That’s when a Project Leader is required. Unless you want to flip a coin.

Oh yah – one more thing. Project leaders: TAKE the blame when things go wrong and SHARE the credit when things go right.

Ain’t easy – but it’s the way I try to run my life.”

Author: asd@asd.com in comp.software-eng.

Found at: http://www.possibility.com/Cpp/CppCodingStandard.html

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